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From: virginia <>
Subject: RE: Blood types
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 03:58:42 -0500

BJ wrote, in part:

The O neg is the reason for the former "blue babies",
Actually the term "blue baby" refers to the child w/Tetralogy of Fallot.
The "blue"/cyanosis arises from the contamination of the aortic contents
by venous (vein) blood. When these babes cry, they turn blue. It's a little
complicated than this simple explanation, but the good news is, it can
be corrected.

becasue an O neg mother can only have one baby with a positive father.
Correstion, she can have more, o neg babies, but only one positive.
Actually she can have a few or all of her children being Rh+.
The problem comes
when the babys Rh+ blood crosses the placental barrier into the mothers
blood. She can form antibodies against the Rh factor. These little antobodies
can clump and destroy the Rh+ cells. If lots of these pass, the symptoms of
"erythroblastosis fetalis" appear. Good news is, this does not always happen.
That's why we had grandparents survive B 4 the age of 'modern' medicine <:).

Symptoms of erythroblastosis are jaundice (yellow) and anemia, which show up at birth
to 36 hrs after. This is one reason why "drive-by deliveries" should cease.

Hematologists can give a present day review of treatment--in the early days
of this diagnosis these kids were "exchanged" new blood for the 'old'.
Early diagnosis isthe key.
This is brief and simplistic--hope it does not cause more confusion<:).

FYI-approx. 15 % of all Caucasian are Rh neg.

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