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From: "Virginia W. Beck" <>
Subject: Re: Casting call
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 23:17:46 -0700

Cross generational!!! WHAT A CONCEPT. Let's immediately reinstate Sean
Connery. Virginia.
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From: mary stewart kyritsis <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, August 21, 1998 11:21 PM
Subject: Re: Casting call

>Oh goody, we get to talk about Jamie Fraser again! I've been waiting for
>this moment since the original thread last spring sent me to to
>buy these incredible books. Someone asked what we were talking about: A
>series of 4 (so far) books by Diana Gabaldon called 'Outlander', 'Dragonfly
>in Amber', 'Voyager' and 'Drums of Autumn' which should be required reading
>for everyone on this list!
>Now people, casting Claire: you're forgetting, she's very tiny, English,
>very curly-blonde. My vote goes to Julie Christie. Jamie is keeping me
>awake nights <sigh> because I visualise him so clearly I can't believe I'm
>not thinking of someone real, but I haven't worked out who yet. Susan
>Hayward has to be in there ... but surely as Brianna? (I'm assuming that
>this particular casting call is going to have to be cross-generational,
>sppropriate, surely?)
>Frank/Jack is pivotal. What about the guy who played Pilate in the movie
>version of Jesus Christ Superstar, Barry someone?
>More later on this -- always providing Linda doesn't rap our knuckles for
>being off topic. But then, she's read the books too ...
>Mary Kyritsis
>Kifissia, Greece

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