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From: "bobstewart" <>
Subject: Re: Casting call
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 16:30:24 -0700

If she were still living and young - wouldn't Susan Hayward be wonderful?!!
Courage, conviction, never give up, and the passion she showed for Jeff
Chandler!!!! oops . . uh . . o yea. . my grandmother used to tell be
about them.

> From: Sharon Bryant <>
> To:
> Subject: Casting call
> Date: Thursday, August 20, 1998 10:21 AM
> Okay, we seem to have cast one part that of the uncle/mentor with Sean
> Connery.
> Candidates for Jamie Frazer: Mel Gibson
> Liam Neeson
> Daniel Day Lewis
> Beau Bridges
> Did I get this list right? Oh I almost forgot--Bob Stewart!
> As for Clare -- well, someone with a "little" maturity because quite
> frankly, Diana wrote a character with courage and conviction and a never
> give up attitude and a lot of passion for her man regardless of the
> If you think about it for a minute the Outlander is Clare, so shouldn't
> role be the most important to cast?
> Oh, I know we need something to sigh over but how about we come up with a
> female that we can all identify with?
> I just thought I'd add another two pence worth. I never expected this
> to carry out this long. But it has been fun.

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