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From: "David and Marla Fair" <>
Subject: Re: Questions
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 20:27:41 PDT

Edward (and all)

Sorry, I'm new to this. And I know all of you are much more educated in
this than I am. The people I am talking about were (by tradition)
farmers, so I don't think they moved too much. And the time setting is
1796 - 1838 approximately when they both (Nancy and Robert) went to
America. So I guess I have a mystery. :-(

Also, part of what I was wondering was just about the placement of these
towns or counties and the nature of the people living there at the time
(1796-1800). Were any of them predominantly Catholic or Irish, etc. I
know Antrim was the main place for McCurdys. I'm pretty certain Nancy
(my great-great grandmother) named Cain and Boyd came from Belfast. Is
Colraine near or part of this or another county like CLare etc. I
haven't studied the maps and am just beginning at this. I have a VERY
rudimentary understanding of Irish history and little time to devote to
it, but I long to learn more. I'm afraid before this my interests were
wrapped up in Ancient Briton and Rome, as well as the Dark Ages and
fantasy. Doesn't help much here, does it? Any suggestions of books,
etc? I WILL look up a map on the Internet web site and see what I can
find for myself.

Anything else you'd like to say, advice or information is welcome. I
learn from it all.

>Think about it!!! Ireland is a very small island, and before partition
>it was all the one political unit.
> You are asking an impossible question because you have not given us
>the time frame, or the occupation of the person involved.
> If you are for example speaking of a land agent in the 1880s, then
>the reason why they moved around is self evident (or at least it is to
>anyone with a basic knowledge of Irish History). If on the other hand
>you are talking about a farm labourer in the 1840 moving from Antrim
>to Clare then you have a great mystery.
>Edward Andrews
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