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From: "David and Marla Fair" <>
Subject: Questions
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 18:18:09 PDT

A couple of quick questions. How do you pronounce the original spelling
of McCurdy? It's Muircheartaigh or Muircheartach...

Is Frazee Scottish or Irish? I always thought it was French. But some
page I hit suggested it was Scottish.

And does it make sense that someone can be identified as coming from
County Antrim, County Clare...Dublin and Belfast? My grandmother wrote
all of these next to her description of her Dad and Mom on a paper I
have. What is the connection, similarity ...or if you will, difference
between these counties? She also mentioned Colraine (pardon my spelling,
I know its wrong. The paper is at home.) Isn't Co. Clare mostly
Catholic? We are definately not. My grandma was a bit... uh...
well... prejudiced when it came to Catholics.

Any help would be appreciated just for my peace of mind.


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