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From: "Virginia W. Beck" <>
Subject: Re: THE LIST
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 11:26:28 -0700

David: You may be quite right. Another member told me the name was
originally Norman, and derives from William, so it seems reasonable that it
may have originated in Alsace. I will be happy if I can trace it back to
the ancestor who immigrated! Thanks, Virginia.
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From: David L. White <>
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Date: Sunday, August 09, 1998 2:44 PM
Subject: Re: THE LIST

>Don't know if this is a wild guess or not, but there are VILMOUTHs living
>the the Alsace region of eastern France. With a V, it could be a phonetic
>spelling of WILMOTHS.
>> From: Virginia W. Beck <>
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>> Subject: Re: THE LIST
>> Date: Thursday, August 06, 1998 7:31 PM
>> Or Prince Edward Island! We found so much SI culture there, and had such
>> good time watching the dancing and listenening to the lively miusic, but
>> the time I did not realize that was the major part of my heritage. This
>> due to MY error in thinking my WILMOTHS were German when they were
>> either English or SI or Scot or Irish (!!!) I have found the name in
>> several places. (I could use some help on this --- Joe?) Virginia.
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>> Date: Thursday, August 06, 1998 3:52 PM
>> Subject: Re: THE LIST
>> >I knew I could count on Brian there to explain!
>> >
>> >If there are any other Ulster Scots/S-I (whatever)
>> >organizations on line -- let us know about you too.
>> >
>> >Or any other organizations that can assist us in locating
>> >ancestry. Donfam is with us for assistence with Donegal
>> >families, for one.
>> >
>> >My SI family is in Western PA -- and there are a number
>> >of branches which snuck over the border to Canada. One
>> >branch right before WWII. It was given the choice of
>> >being drafted into the Canadian army or the American and
>> >returned -- to die in the China Sea. Shoulda stuck with
>> >the Canadians, perhaps.
>> >
>> >I also read somewhere that up to 1/3rd of all US immigrants
>> >entered by way of Canada. Something to ponder while reading
>> >New York ship lists <grin> to really bring on depression.
>> >My father's paternal line, MASONs from Durham, England,
>> >did enter this way in the 1880's, manifesting in Michigan
>> > -- a good sign that they came via Canada. I gather it was
>> > often cheaper to come this way.
>> >
>> >And when you are yearning for a bit of Celtic Culture
>> >but can't afford Scotland or Ireland, there's always Nova
>> >Scotia. I mean to go there soon.
>> >
>> >Linda Merle
>> >
>> >

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