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From: "Virginia W. Beck" <>
Subject: Re: Celtic Toes
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 23:15:05 -0700

Many good wishes to a great Dad -- how is Mom doing? My second toe is also
longer than the big toe. Is this a universal trait, or peculiar to the
Celts? Virginia.
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Date: Friday, August 07, 1998 9:26 PM
Subject: Celtic Toes

>Dear Friends,
> I am trying to type this and give my new son his late night
>feeding as well, so please forgive any typos. I read about the Celtic Toes
>this list a while back. Linda, sorry to bring up an old subject. It is my
>understanding that the toes of our Celtic ancestors were straight across
>the second toe being as long or longer than the big toe, as opposed to
>slanting downward towards from the big toe to the little toe. If I am
>someone please correct me, but that is my understanding of it. Hope I've
>helped some of you out.
>Dave and Josh King

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