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Subject: Re: THE LIST
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 98 15:45:27 PDT

I knew I could count on Brian there to explain!

If there are any other Ulster Scots/S-I (whatever)
organizations on line -- let us know about you too.

Or any other organizations that can assist us in locating
ancestry. Donfam is with us for assistence with Donegal
families, for one.

My SI family is in Western PA -- and there are a number
of branches which snuck over the border to Canada. One
branch right before WWII. It was given the choice of
being drafted into the Canadian army or the American and
returned -- to die in the China Sea. Shoulda stuck with
the Canadians, perhaps.

I also read somewhere that up to 1/3rd of all US immigrants
entered by way of Canada. Something to ponder while reading
New York ship lists <grin> to really bring on depression.
My father's paternal line, MASONs from Durham, England,
did enter this way in the 1880's, manifesting in Michigan
-- a good sign that they came via Canada. I gather it was
often cheaper to come this way.

And when you are yearning for a bit of Celtic Culture
but can't afford Scotland or Ireland, there's always Nova
Scotia. I mean to go there soon.

Linda Merle

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