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Subject: Re: THE LIST
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 98 10:24:30 PDT

Hi Sue,

The explanation in the Welcome message is aimed at
explaining the term "Scotch Irish" which is not in
use outside of the United States. To many it is
objectionable. Re-explaining this as well as responding
to people who want to fight over it gets very very
very old !

So it is not meant to restrict postings to the USA.
In fact the rest of the Welcome message tries to make
this clear -- pointing out we are an international list.
The president of the Canadian Ulster Scots Society (I
am sure I butchered the name -- my apologies!!) is
"on board"-- Brian McConnell. Maybe he can explain what
is happening in Canada.

We also have members in NI, Australia, England, Scotland,
Greece, Germany, etc, etc. For us Americans it can
be a great opportunity to meet others outside of the US
as well as branches of the family who emigrated to
Australia or New Zealand instead of the USA or Canada.

We also discuss the Irish Palatines, the Irish (many
of us also have Irish ancestry), Scotland, England,
French Huguenots, Scottish soldiers on Continental
Europe, intermarriage with American Indians, migration
patterns and so on. We tend to "carry" Irish Protestants,
even if from Cork. One reason being the methodologies
for finding people in 17th and 18th century Ireland
are different from 19th -- no matter where in Ireland
you are researching.

So feel free to post -- and welcome too!!

Linda Merle

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