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From: Diane Hettrick <>
Subject: Re: Irish naming patterns ??
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 17:33:11 -0700

Hi everyone,

To my great frustration I have completely, electronically buried a
wonderful message on naming patterns that I got a year ago from the old
GENUKI list. I found it and lost it once in that time; it's probably
under some odd subject line in some file which seemed logical to me at
the time. :-( It is not the pattern that everyone publishes (first
daughter after grandma, etc.), it is one where the family picks up
female surnames as middle names for up to four generations back, in a
particular pattern. My Scots-Irish family in Pennsylvania seem to have
followed the pattern (bless them!) but I remember surprise because the
pattern was neither Scots nor Irish - English maybe?

I don't suppose anyone knows about this pattern?

Diane Hettrick
Seattle, Washington state, USA

Debby wrote:
> >My Lenox family seems to have kept
> >up some kind of a tradition , going with James , William , James ,
> >William , James , William , James , William , with a Thomas and Charles
> >tossed in .... Any ideas floating around ?? , Phil...
> >
> I think they figured that someday someone would be trying to find out about
> them so they did it to confound us to death!
> My Gillespie family did it, too, with Thomas, James, William, George,
> Robert...several of them all living at the same time and even in the same
> areas! And it still goes on today...
> Debby McArtor in South Carolina

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