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From: Carl Backers <>
Subject: Re: WHAT HAPPENED TO GENEOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 16:06:39 -0700

> This Site is turning into the Laughing stock of all the Geneology
> sites............I have never had so much Crap downloaded for ages.
> If this had been a flame would have ended,when are the list
> owners going to get of their backsides and do something,its getting
> so people looked at this site for its utter
> drivel.............
> If you wish to see a really good Geneology
> site,friendly,informative site........which those on this site who
> wish to further thir knowledge,and roots ..Subscribe to :
> At least their we haven`t yet sunk down to the level of Cookery
> reports,this may have started out as fun,I ain`t a party pooper,
> I`m sure rootsweb must have a site for you
> this site should fit your Criteria
GET A LIFE--Cookery reports concerning SI food is part of our heritage
therefore part of our genealogy. If you cannot have a little humor or
affliated heritage information mixed in with straight genealogy and/or
SI history then it gets very BORING. Our webmaster keeps things in line
yet rolls with the punches and many, many personalities. I think she
does a great job and is a mellow individual yet draws the line when
things get out of hand. Perhaps you would feel much better and happier
at another website which I would recommend highly. Connie Backers

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