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Subject: Re: WHAT HAPPENED TO GENEOLOGY(One less List member)
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 10:19:48 -0500

Ok it a list ,
The defenders of authority assume that a considerable part of the people
, including
all children , are not attached by fixed and
reliable habits to the existing order. Being
unattached they are impressionable, and
might therefore be seduced by agitators.
They do not have within themselves
inherent in their characters, that interested
loyalty to things as they are which makes
men immune to subversive influences.
In matters of short we must remember
that words right and wrong mean simply
friendly or hostile to the purposes of the
institution in question , that is why it is said
that the outsiders do not have the interest
of the institution sufficiently at heart to feel
instinctively the difference between right
and wrong . They cannot be allowed to
judge fot themselves because they are
without the premises of sound judgment
They are not unconsciously loyal , and
their impressions have to be controlled
by the insiders who are intuitively right-
If you will check your records i payed
for your services .

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