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From: Maggie Phillips <>
Subject: Re: Sample/Semple
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 18:46:09 -0400

Thomas P. Smith wrote:
> Gary Childress wrote:
> >
> > The dates and locations of your ancestors are consitent with the Ulster-Scots
> > migration into the Allegheny mountains as Indian fighters. The Scotch-Irish were
> > Indian fighters and lost about 50 Scots for every Indian killed according to some
> > authors. The Scots who had first settled in Ireland before migrating to America,
> > populated the counties of Tyrone, Londonderry and Antrim but " if there was one
> > thing the Ulster people were not, it was 'Irish' " according to Ronnie Hanna, Land
> > of the Free, Uster and the American Revolution, Ulster Society Publications,
> > Armagh, Ulster. (note, the Ulster Society, in Northern Ireland refers to these
> > emigrants to America as Scotch-Irish not Scots-Irish). Gary
> >
> > wrote:
> >
> > > John SEMPLE died in E. Pennsboro twp. will 15 Feb 1758/3 March 1758. oldest
> > > son John, 2nd son James 3rd son David, 4th son Robert, 5th son Samuel, son
> > > Joseph. DAughter Jannet.
> > >
> > > I think he had a son John who died in Cumberland co 10/1/1794. Grandson
> > > James died in 1830 and was an Indian fighter in Allegheny co, PA.
> > >
> > > I would like to find out where John came from Ireland. I am going there in 3
> > > weeks and would love to find out where in Ireland he came from. Margo
> To Gary Childress, I want to take exception to your statement that the
> Scotch-Irish settlers were not good fighters against the Indians and
> lost about 50 for every Indian killed according to some authors. There
> were other authors who differed. The Colonial armies who fought like
> the British, that is all in line and muskets firing at trees and shadows
> got pretty much slaughtered but some later learned to fight like the
> Indians.
> My 4x grandfather was James Smith of Mercersburg who at the age of 18
> was captured by the Caughnawagas and adopted into their tribe. He
> stayed with them for five years and finally made his escape, returning
> home with a good knowledge of their ways, he organized a group called
> the "Black Boys", so called because they blacked their faces and fought
> at night in Indian fashion all along the West Pa. frontier. They were
> highly successful and got a lot of respect from the marauding tribes.
> Some were even brutal enough to take scalps. They had lots of woodland
> savvy and when they attacked only half would fire while the other half
> reloaded. Read about Smith's life and adventures in a book called "The
> First Rebel" by Neil Swanson or watch the old movie "Allegany Uprising"
> with John Wayne. (a bit corny in places but pretty factual). Smith and
> his "boys" fought Indians in Pa. and Ohio before , during, and after the
> Revolution and was a Colonel in the Pa. Militia.
> Had to say something here in defense of a lot of good old SI patriots.
> Tom P. Smith,

If the Scotch-Irish weren't considered Irish, what where they? During
what time frame was the migration from Ulster to the USA?

I'm new at this as you well might have guessed. I am very anxious to
learn. As a matter of fact, since joining this list two weeks ago, I
have gained much knowledge and insight from the group--thank you!


Maggie Phillips

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