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From: "merle" <>
Subject: Re: Jokes
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 98 15:16:34 -0800

Steve asked,

> Is this list monitored? I don't mind a joke, but this list is for
> genealogy and related history. Or at least I thought so.

No this list is not monitored. I'm not sure you can monitor a
list at rootsweb and even if one can -- unless someone else does
it it won't be done. I'm busy having a life and also labor under
the delusion we're adults here, not children. (We actually do well)

The list is for genealogy but it also is tolerant and friendly.
Those who want properly formated subjects and a tight adherence
to topics at hand won't find it here. It is a community -- not
just a list. We have a lot of newcomers here who do not
understand the nuances of the internet, so tolerance is often required because people do post attachments and commit other errors.

Those who want pure genealogy are advised to locate them via our
web page -- there's a number out there for Northern Ireland. Un-
sub from here and join them. You'll be happier and so will we.

People with complaints should direct them to me -- Do not
post them to 800 plus other people when the only one who can
respond is the listowner. This tends to be disruptive on all lists.

PS: what I really dislike (and no one is doing, but for the
record) is racist jokes -- and a lot of Irish jokes are. It's
in especially poor taste for Ulster Scots to tell racist Irish
jokes in public. Jokes about drunken Irishmen I find racist.
Change the person to being Scotch Irish if you want to post
the joke here <grin>. I also don't care much for self appointed
morality monitors -- we've had a few in the past who really
intimidated people. And a lot of typically Irish content.
Talk about the Famine on the Irish lists, please. Not here.
<Yes, yes, protestants died too, but most of our ancestors were
long gone into Kentucky eating possum>. We want to focus
on Scotch Irish/Ulster scots issues, not reproduce the Irish internet. Here we are more interested 17th and 18th century
history in Ulster and beyond because we have ties, family and
cultural, throughout the British Isles. Also the list is international so casting aspersions on governments is not polite.$B%_(B0D

No material that is under copyright. No attachments (latter two
rules true for all lists).

An occasional joke when things are quiet is welcome. If we are
in a high volume phase, it is probably not the time to post a joke.

Best of luck,

Linda Merle

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