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From: "merle" <>
Subject: Re: Districts
Date: Tue, 5 May 98 15:04:28 -0800

>Please explain to us pore iggorant Americans why you say those >districts are
>not Scottish at all? about most of them are not in Scotland! That
pretty much clearly makes them not Scottish.

There's no reason to remain ignorant either. The Search
key on your web browswer can bring you all kinds of info,
instantaneously and at no additional charge. I did a search
on Scotland. Check this out:

>We are lucky to know our own history (if we were science
> majors), let alone that of Scotland!

There are two reasons that come to me off the top of my head
why Americans might want to spend some time reading stuff on
the internet about the countries their ancestors came from:

First of all when they interact with others here in an
international setting, they represent themselves and their
country much better. Do you really want to be a
living advertisement for the poor condition of the US
school system?

Secondly if you really want to find your ancestors you will
need to acquire a lot of knowledge about the country and
the times they lived in - as well as available records.
Without this knowledge you will not get far. And should you go
over to visit in the ol' homeland to track down some more
ancestors, you will have to talk to the folks still living
there. If you are polite and informed they are far more likely
to be cooperative than if you are inadvertently rude and
uninformed. Even if you misspell -- it reflects on
how others view you -- esp. outside the USofA (where a large
number of folks are with Andrew Jackson who said that he had
no respect for a person who could only spell a word one way.)

Third reason comes to mind! Learning things keeps you
young. Exercise for the brain. It's true. Learn something
new every day. You'll live a lot longer (and even remember
doing it).

(Joke about US school system: In the state of X (deleted so
as not to start a major war on the list <grin>) a school board
actually decided to cancel foreign language education based
on the logic that if English was good enough for Jesus it
was good enough for us too.)

Linda Merle

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