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From: Marge Vallazza <>
Subject: Re: Ohhhhhh......
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 18:36:52 -0600

That's exactly how I've heard it and learned it in Music class with Mrs.
Price, AltaVista Grade School, 1960. Doodah! Marge:)

At 04:40 PM 3/23/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Well, this is how I heard it -
>Camptown ladies sing dis song - doodah doodah
>Camptown racetrack five miles long
>All de doodah day
>Gwine to run all night, gwine to run all day
>Bet my money on de bobtail nag
>Somebody bet on de bay
>This was printed on one of those old jelly glasses
>we had at our family farm in the early 60's. I have
>no idea how old the glass itself was.
>Donna Minke
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Jim Neugent <>
>To: Sheeeeesh <>;
>Date: Monday, March 23, 1998 11:32 AM
>Subject: Re: Ohhhhhh......
>>Sheeeeesh wrote:
>>> .....camptown races sing dis song, doodah, doodah
>>> .....camptown races sing dis song.....
>>> .....your turn.
>>> Feeling wacky and thought I would share it,
>>> I know it'll probably get me in trouble but couldn't resist,
>>> Catherine
>>If'n yore gonna do it right!
>>Camptown races sing this song, doodah, doodah,
>>Camptown racetrack 5 miles long, oh de doodah, day.
>>Gwan to sing all night, gwan to sing all day..
>>Bet my money on bobtail nag,
>>Oh, de doodah, day.

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