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From: virginia <>
Subject: RE: Believe it/believe it not
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 00:37:12 -0600

Did you then see the other GenBrit topic?
Brass monkies!
My mother always said to me, after I'd wandered off someplace--AGAIN!-
" you'd worry the balls off a brass monkey".
You can guess, I thot' that I was just a really, really bad kid, if I could do that!!
Now I find, she must have thot' I was going to be a sailor.
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Sent: Saturday, March 14, 1998 8:45 PM
Subject: Believe it/believe it not

This seems like a very interesting new topic, found on the GenBrit list,
I think.

DG> wrote:
DG>> Mike Gallafent () wrote:
DG>> > 'There are innumerable charges used in heraldry, ranging from the fleur-
DG>> > de-lis, a stylised form of the madonna lily, to the unique urinal crest
DG>> > of Dr. Louys Caerlyon (1483).'
DG>> >
DG>> > The question is why one would select a urinal for a family crest?
DG>> > Although not listed in Fairbairn, one could muse upon a Welsh origin
DG>> > perhaps, hence dialysis or an early misconception of becoming a privy
DG>> > councillor.
DG>> Chambers (how *very* apposite) has:
DG>> urinant (heraldry): diving; head-downward. (Latin "urinari", to plunge).
DG>> Is that possibly relevant?
DG>> Also that "urinal" was originally a chamber-pot. Different root, though.
DG>> DaveB


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