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From: Nan Ross <>
Subject: Re: Different Beliefs
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 18:10:24 -0600

If I am reading His Word correctly, that is an understatement. We all have
to answer
for our lives, actions and inaction, and words. Woe betide those who hurt,
by word or
deed, his children, no matter what the age. I don't know about anyone else
but the persons I have had the priviledge of knowing who were Downs syndrome
were some
of the kindest, most loving, hardest workers in the world--His children.

Mary McCrury wrote:

> This has been an interesting conversation concerning different belief
> systems. I tend to think of this as systems because most of us do
> believe in the same God. This conversation takes me back to Jr. High
> School days. I belonged to a Tri Hi Y club and one of our programs was
> to visit every girl's church. I don't remember anyone having to get
> permission for all or any of us to visit. We were made welcome at the
> Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Jewish, Presbyterian, and Seven Day
> Adventist. The purpose of our program was to learn about each other and
> to share a practice that was meaningful to a particular member. When we
> visited the Catholic church, most of us were not Catholic but we all
> wore our hats, gloves (now I am telling my age), and best dresses just
> as we did to all of the services.
> For the most part, we were either Baptist of Methodist BECAUSE when our
> Presbyterian ancestors settled West Texas there were no Presbyterian
> churches. The only ministers were either Baptist or Methodist circuit
> riders. Both sets of my grandparents were not Baptist but Presbyterian
> and professed that belief until they died BUT they attended the Baptist
> church until they died. They raised their families in the Baptist
> church and the practice continues.
> I find it hard to accept that anyone would be mistreated in any house of
> worship. Surely that is not pleasing to the ONE that we worship.
> Mary
> Odessa, Tx.

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