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From: HI Dayman< >
Subject: Re(3): resonating etc.
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 14:08:30 -0800

HI Dayman writes:
>"I am sure the church members viewed themselves as generous and
>charitable (they didn't HAVE to give anything!), but my mother (about
>10) saw only self-righteousness and hypocrisy."
>It certainly is in church, i.e. "self-righteousness and hypocrisy",
>however, church goers/members don't have a corner on the market.
>It has been said that the church isn't "a sanctuary for saints" but "a
>hospital for sinners," all kinds of the world's wretched, poor sinners,
>some of whom truly understand that they are forgiven by the grace of God
>and who are not perfect only "going on to perfection."
This is very true. I often think of the old addage, "if the hypocrite is
standing between you and God, then the hypocrite is closer to God than

Bruce Dayman

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