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From: John Snodgrass <>
Subject: Re: Different Beliefs
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 09:55:38 -0500

Here's my 2 cents worth: In the Bible it says that the Jewish people were
the chosen one's everybody else was a Gentile. If this world would wake-up
and realize that there are several different sects to the Jewish and Gentile
(Christian) faiths and that we all are "Brothers and Sisters Keepers" this

Mary McCrury wrote:

> This has been an interesting conversation concerning different belief
> systems. I tend to think of this as systems because most of us do
> believe in the same God. This conversation takes me back to Jr. High
> School days. I belonged to a Tri Hi Y club and one of our programs was
> to visit every girl's church. I don't remember anyone having to get
> permission for all or any of us to visit. We were made welcome at the
> Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Jewish, Presbyterian, and Seven Day
> Adventist. The purpose of our program was to learn about each other and
> to share a practice that was meaningful to a particular member. When we
> visited the Catholic church, most of us were not Catholic but we all
> wore our hats, gloves (now I am telling my age), and best dresses just
> as we did to all of the services.
> For the most part, we were either Baptist of Methodist BECAUSE when our
> Presbyterian ancestors settled West Texas there were no Presbyterian
> churches. The only ministers were either Baptist or Methodist circuit
> riders. Both sets of my grandparents were not Baptist but Presbyterian
> and professed that belief until they died BUT they attended the Baptist
> church until they died. They raised their families in the Baptist
> church and the practice continues.
> I find it hard to accept that anyone would be mistreated in any house of
> worship. Surely that is not pleasing to the ONE that we worship.
> Mary
> Odessa, Tx.

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