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From: JRose10700 <>
Subject: Re: Here's Tae Ilka Ane O' Ye!
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 19:28:35 EST

In a message dated 98-03-10 18:48:23 EST, writes:

<< Ta, Aaron. I ken. Now I'll try to work that into some
conversation...with the deer and squirrels, I suppose. Another 10" of
snow and temperatures at 15 degrees...15 below windchill factor...don't
feel like going out.
Keep warm...this blizzard is supposedly coming down from Canada.

AO>Ach! It mmicht be mair like whit ye wrote only dinna pit the stress oan
AO>"Kaw" - jist try till balance the twa if ye ken.

AO>Really Connie I'd say "Ill-ka" adn let the w go whewewer it likes. >>\\

congratulations, Connie!!

Here you are already wrapping your tongue around the sounds and I am still
trying to fix my eyes on them to make sense of the letters, which go every
Odd, I was a great Latin scholar in my younger days, but Scottish "I canna
Is that right?


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