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From: HI Dayman< >
Subject: Re: What's In a Name?
Date: Sat, 07 Mar 1998 10:00:41 -0800

,Internet writes:
>One of my family lines uses the given name "Bethel" frequently.
>One genealogist said to me, "Oh, his mother must have been religious."
>In the US, I've seen Bethel as part of names of Protestant churches; I
>vaguely remember some Masonic usage; and now that I actually look at the
>name, it occurs to me that there is a Jewish Temple Beth-el around
>here. It must be old testament.
>Is there any particular significance to the family using this name? Or
>is it one of those cases where they heard a bible word they liked and
>used it?
>Diane Hettrick

Bethel means House of God. It comes from Hebrew beth meaning house of;
and, el meaning God. Bethel would be similar in idea to our word church.
This is a brief definition but I hope it helps.

Bruce Dayman

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