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From: David Woodrow <>
Subject: Where I am from
Date: Fri, 06 Mar 1998 19:08:40 -0800

Hello Joan;
I have already said where I am from. There are most likly people that
dont want to, I dont have a problem with it. Possibly some people, if
there are enough in an area, would like to get together and make up
a plan of attack. With regards to genealogy. I find talking on the
internet nice, but, you have to put grin grin grin and continue. There
are many people, however, that come across quite well on the internet.
One, and believe me, I do not mean only, I will be paying the complement
to many of you, but the one I want to commend now, is Aaron. I accused
him of being a minister because of the way he comes across. Turns out
he is not and thats too bad. I only hope when I did it, he did not take
it in the wrong way. After being on this net for a while and seeing how
other people conduct themselfs, helps me. I have to think I am a better
person now from what I was a few days ago. Only because by being on
this net, and, somethings that have happened, made me think.
Best regards and love;

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