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Subject: Re: A dose of medicine
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 14:55:16 EST

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Seems to me that statistically, more people voted against Clinton by voting
for other candidates than actually cast ballots for him. Yet the man claimed
he "had a mandate from the people" because he won in the electoral college.

Problems with letting the government do health care:
1. Bureaucracy: more people needed to handle the paperwork because the
government always requires LOTs of paper to prove/disprove anything. I know
what it's like to do Medicare charting so that people's rehab benefits can
still be paid by Medicare. It takes a lot of extra time away from patient
2. Loss of incentive: have seen gung-ho young doctors come out of med school
eager to "serve their fellow man" but get burned out in military hospitals as
they see some who repeatedly abuse the system because it is there, because it
is "free". Medicene be taken over by the government would mean more of the
3. Abuse of the system: (Just a handful of examples so you know what I'm
talking about)
"I need my children to be seen immediately as an emergency for the cold
they've had for a week because I have ice cream in the car melting and we're
on our way home from the commissary."
Children brought to emergency by mom 16 times for chronic problems over 6
months because the ER fits her schedule better & because she's on medicaid it
doesn't matter to her that it costs 3-4 times more than a clinic--she never
sees the bill. Each time she's told: "You need to have your child evaluated
in the clinic for this problem. We're not able to do as complete a workup for
this in an ER." But she's given antibiotics, the kid gets better until the
next time, so she doesn't take him in... (I know, we counted the times in the
chart when they called for old records on the kid.)
The adult on medicaid who says: "I have a little cold & didn't want to
wait in a clinic so came to the ER." (Most of us not on medicaid would buy
something over the counter & treat it at home, but he gets it

Yes, there are problems with American health care. I tried to get help
for my aunt when she had her stroke, wrecked her car & had no health
insurance. At that time she owned her house & so was deemed too 'well-to-do'
to qualify for county assistance. (The idiot in the SS disability office
asked me about her assets, "How does she pay her bills? What is she using for
money? She has to pay her bills." At the time, she hadn't been working for
awhile & had spent all of her savings. No, sir, she doesn't have to pay her
bills, they can shut off electricity, gas, etc. if she doesn't pay them, and
they do. It happens to people all the time. I'm here trying to get her some
help because she HAS no money. Duh!)

Is having Washington do take it over the answer? I doubt it--no matter
which party is in office.

Ugh, enough already. Have we all found all of our lost ancestors that
medicene, religion and politics are the ONLY things we have left to discuss?

Karen, RN

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