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From: McCrystle <>
Subject: Re: For those who don't think Politics and Religion matter....
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 23:00:40 EST

In a message dated 98-03-03 21:56:22 EST, writes:

> Just goes to prove that Ignorant Rabid Animals could care less about
> murdering children and the elderly - even their own. Is Saddam Insane
> by chance affiliated with the IRA?

Um, the IRA was not implicated in any of that that I quoted in that post
except by Ian Paisley's speculation about the plastiqued car in the very last
paragraph. Various other groups, including both "Pro-British" and the CIRA
(not affiliated, so they say, with the IRA, this group is a nasty splinter
group which opposed the peace process and the IRA's ceasefire) were suggested
and implicated. In fact, the very first little blurb there was about a
Catholic-owned bar being showered with bullets where lots of Catholics AND
Protestants together spend time, and how the Pro-British faction was probably
unaware of this when they entered and started shooting. Most poignant is the
fact that two men - one RC and on Protestant - died while talking together at
the bar. Ridiculously tragic.

However, I would urge everyone to read carefully. The IRA is not the only
armed group in Northern Ireland. The groups are endless and sometimes carry
many different names. Here in the USA, we hear about the IRA and the UDP.
These are not the only armed and militant groups. Don't narrow your sights so
that when you read a post like mine - which was supposed to shed some light on
the tragic events of today and yesterday in NI, you immediately read IRA or
UDP into it. Simply wasn't there.

Now, about Saddam, I can't speak for him, but there is information to show and
support that the IRA is linked with the PLO and shares weapons and tactics.


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