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From: virginia <>
Subject: RE: A dose of medicine
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 16:17:39 -0600

The problems of health care are so much more complex that anyone has mentioned
on here thus' far.
First, I do believe in the goodness of most health care workers!
I went into nursing to care for people, not to administrate $'s.
To be effective today, we all HAVE to adm. them.
We are keeping people alive in the 90's who would have never made it past
the Emerg. Dept. in my student days.
These people then go to LONG term rehab centers when their quality of life
of life is minimal or non-existant. That's $$$'s.
Just one example of--'would we have it any other way'.?
I don't think so, for we have a concern for 'living' in these countries that is not
shared by all the world.
(open space here for lots of comments)

Our US illigitmate birth rate is one of the highest, or the highest, in the nation.
'Babies having babies' has fractured our mortality rate. How do we stop it?
Many parents in US,some, on religious grounds, refuse to allow their high school
students to even partake in "health classes" in school.
These same students are "dying" for information on how their bodies function.
"Dying" from AIDS, childhood pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and
other types of adolescent behaviors, many of which will prevent them from ever
reaching adulthood, let alone a healthy adulthood.

I will stop my 'health sermon' there and refer to Sandy's comment on bombers.
(See below)
My son was piloting 'bombers' i.e. C-141's that were many years older than he.
The new C-17's were supposed to replace those. I have read now that the C-141's
will be 'patched up' to last til 2011, --or whenever.
I do agree that $s' for one of those could supply lots of polio vaccine, DPT, etc. for a large

My one solution for this country is to get our priorities straight. Sorry sport stars, but
are you really worth Millions of $s' yearly to toss the dead skin of an animal in the air??
when our teachers, nurses, nursing assistants, all health workers and health research
centers are scrambling for $s' to find cures for illnesses and prevention of others.???
I don't think so.
(MY shield is up-rain your comments on me)

We must not discount what small groups of people are doing for their communities--
Yes. even the coffee cans--women have been and still are the primary caretakers of
the elderly, including their in-laws, and the sick of the world--at the lowest pay scales.

Perhaps, women, it is time for more of us to run for public office--the trouble is, who's
gonna' take care of Grandma and Grandpa?



Sandy wrote:
Amen!!!!!!!! Look at the Canadian System. Great set up. No one should
ever beg for their life. I am tired of seeing coffee cans in stores where
people are asking for money for cancer treatment, or a heart or what ever.

I say get rid of one bomber and we would have enough money to pay for all
of the medical for everyone.

Eili\dh an'Faoileann

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