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From: LLove1039 <>
Subject: Re: A dose of medicine
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 15:55:56 EST

The problem no one wants to address here is the work hard & succeed Profit
Motive we're so proud of here.
Does it only apply to us & not to the Doctors?
Take away the right to make a profit and the harder you work the more you
make, and All you have left is mediocrity.
Many of the better docs from Canada are now here in the USA because they can't
profit from their knowledge & experience in Canada.
We're about to go down the same path.
I, for one, do not want people who would not ordinarilly make it to med
school, out operating on me or mine, and that's what you'd be left with.
Something needs to change & improve, but If you like the V.A. Hospital System,
& the old Postal service, You're gonna really love the new Gov't. run health
Shades of Russia & planned ecomonies.
Love, Lou

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