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From: "Dorothy Chance" <>
Subject: Re: No Puritans here
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 17:40:20 -0600

>>Yes, the meanings do change when one religion takes anothers traditions as
their own. That's fine by me (basically). I just like the real roots of a
holiday or tradition to be acknowledged by those who have taken them over
instead of simply claiming it was their though they invented it.<<

Somewhere I have read that when one culture or religion gains ascendency,
the older one that is being replaced becomes regarded as "superstition"
and/or malevolent. Both of these processes can be seen in the
Celtic/Christian transformation. Look back at the old folk tales, see the
things considered "bad luck" or "magickal" and you are likely to find the
previous culture's holy things.

Personally, I relish the wonderful opportunities we now have to explore
these ancient "knowings" and learn from them. It also occurs to me that we
may be witnessing the beginnings of yet another far reaching transformation
of views, of beliefs, of metaphors.

As we do so, the "Christianity" of our times may become trite...

For sure, the "names" of God (ess) are many.

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