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From: "Dorothy Chance" <>
Subject: Re: No Puritans here
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 22:17:09 -0600

Excellent question! Not long ago I was in attendance at the wedding of a
young cousin. In a church totally unaccustomed to candles being lighted by
acolytes etc. this tradition went on. Then the flowers strewn about, then
the attendants gather with great solemnity, stand in readiness as the music
swells, the congregation rises and faces the closed doors at the back of the
chuch which are opened to reveal.....the shimmering veiled goddess human, that vision! And of course, the very name "Bride"
should sound quite familiar to all of us Scotch Irish!!

When it occurred to me that this tradition does not have Christian roots,
indeed, the traditions are even more ancient than Christianity, and no other
ceremonious occasion is so filled with need for perfection, for sacrificial
money expenditures, etc., I suddenly realized the enormous power of the
ancients. Now, seems like everywhere I look, I see the footprints of our

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