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From: Edward Andrews <>
Subject: Re: Parenting traits of the SI
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 01:51:03 +0000

> I think I see a connection here. Edward's article in the Journal about
> the decline in membership during periods of Labor Party dominance in
> goverment might just be caused by people relying more on government for
> the solution to their problems and less on God.
> Connie
No. The thesis which I was producing was that the Church of Scotland
since the 1950s has suffered a decline parallel to that of the
Conservative party. I was merely comparing the decline of the two
organizations, and suggesting that the Kirk requires as big a shake up
as the Tory party.
One of the questions which I was asked by the Press was whether I was
trying to make that point, and whether I was arguing that the decline
of Tory values was reflected in the Decline of the Church. I totally
rejected this view. I am a Socialist who is a member of the Scottish
Nationalist Party. I believe that while I would not argue that
Christianity and Socialism are coterminous. that the feeling of
Society which is the result of the preaching of the Word, contrasted
with the ideas of Thatcherism which even the Tory party is rejecting
See speeches by Hague and Rifkind over the weekend.
What I do claim is that the Church has failed the people of Scotland
in part because of how we have allowed it to be organized, and the
various power bases which have developed. This is completely seperate
from any idea of people relying on government.
Edward Andrews
St Nicholas Buccleuch Parish Church Dalkeith
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