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From: Sharon McAllister <>
Subject: Ambidextrous
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 12:39:18 -0500

Carrying the "lefthandedness" question a bit further....

In an experimental psychology class, many years ago, the professor tried to
demonstrate left-right dominance and hand-eye coordination. I didn't "get"
it, so had to go through further tests. She finally concluded that I don't
have a dominant eye and remarked that I was only the second person she'd
seen like that in 40 years of teaching. Of course I'd thought I was
"normal" so I told the story to the family at Christmas. Turned out the
other student was my aunt, whom this professor had tested when some 20
years before.

Here's the test:

Point at something across the room.

Close your left eye. Does your finger still line up with the object? If
so, your right eye is dominant.

If not, open your left eye and close the right one. Does your finger now
line up with the object? If so, your left eye is dominant.

I flunk the test. With both eyes open, I see two fingers -- one on either
side of the object I'm pointing to. With either eye closed, I see only one
finger -- off to the side.

It does appear to be genetic -- but is it a SI trait?

Sharon McAllister

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