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From: <>
Subject: Lurkers and Famous Ancestors
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 20:20:41 EST

I am one of those <"lurkers" that we seldom hear from>.

Some of us "lurk", as it were, because we know we are not edified enough, or
otherwise unable to contribute significantly to the history, information, and
humor that goes on here.

I enjoy the lively give and take of this list. I have gleaned a tremendous
amount of knowledge in a very short period of time. I have also laughed my
gluteus maximus off on more than one occasion.

A famous relative contribution from a Lurker...
On my mother's side, I go back to Sir Edward Davis (1300's England-boo, hiss.
Whoever the H _ _ _ he is, we've yet to figure out.), bouncing passed famous
American cousins William Tecumseh Sherman and Aaron Burr. The Burrs were
among the first colonists to arrive in Massachusettes (1630), hot on the trail
those on the Mayflower. I could submit my "pedigree" and become a "Mayflower
Ma Ma"! <very big silly grin> That and a buck would get me a cup of coffee,
now wouldn't it?

Sharon in MO USA

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