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Subject: Re: BEAN
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 18:05:10 EST

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<< We haven't lost sight of our rason d'etre, but we are willing to
pause in our mad dash to acquire data and smell the roses of laughter which
we come upon, often unexpectedly, in a rather sad world of serious
go-getters who are perhaps inordinately preoccupied with sticking to the
subject. >>

\What is so surprising, Aaron, is that the "pure" Irish lists I subscribe to
are all bsiness. No smiles at all.
'I am half and half. Half Cork-Kerry brand Irish, and half the Scotch-Irish by
way iof early immigration to the southern colonies. Now I had always been told
that Irish were mad creatures, fun loving, fey, who cheerily tip their cups
and talk to little people.
And the scotch-Irish, according to family myth, are dour, pessimistic, grim
and unsmiling.
And what do I find on these lists? Just the opposite.
Fun, isn't it?

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