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From: "Dorothy Chance" <>
Subject: Re: Ornery
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 02:16:08 -0600

Does anyone have a notion whether the term "ornery" which is an old mountain
saying might be derived from the language brought by the Scotch Irish in the
17th-18th century?

I dont think I've ever heard the term applied to the female of the species,
have you?
"he's an ornery cuss" has the "real" ring to it!!

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From: Edward Andrews <>
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Date: Friday, January 30, 1998 6:18 PM
Subject: Re: Ornery

>Carl Backers wrote:
>> > Diane Hettrick
>> >
>> Hi, Since I am a Yank, I know what ornery is but please give me a
>> definition of "bloody minded". It sounds most descriptive! I am all
>> ears.........
>> Connie Backers
> When used about someone whom you feel positively about, in the
>context of he's a right blood minded so and so, it can mean someone
>who is strong and forceful, who does not stand fools.
> The more common use, is that someone is being bloody minded if they
>unreasonably try to obstruct something, usually out of personal pique.
>"He objected because he was being bloody minded"
> A bloody minded person can also be someone who is being a pain in the
> I hope that this helps. Like ornery it has subtle meanings which
>depend on the context.
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