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From: <>
Subject: Re: Nut Joke
Date: 29 Jan 1998 22:28:48 EDT

I'm shattered. Need a toddy after hearing that.

ED> wrote:
ED>> Joe,
ED>> Have you been to Edward's web site and seen that angelic look on his
ED>> face? No, I just can't picture Edward being ornery.
ED>> Connie
ED>> PO>Connie,Some of my friends who were called to the pulpit were as onery
ED>> PO>as they could be.I bet Edward was right in the middle of the action
ED>> PO>,probable the one who planned it . How about it Edward? Take
ED>> PO>care,Joe
ED> Sorry folks, this is one of the American words which we keep on
ED>hearing, which has never travelled successfully across the pond.
ED> I have understood it to be a kind of equivalent of Bloody Minded. But
ED>clearly there are subtleties which I haven't picked up.
ED> Of course I was in the middle of the action.
ED> We would ring people up from a call box - a pay phone. You were meant
ED>to put 4d into the phone, but you could get calls free if you knew
ED>how: we did.
ED> When you got the victim you told them that you were the phone
ED>company, and that you had to check the phone. To do this you needed
ED>them to generate a tone, i.e. whistle into the phone.
ED> When they did you congratulated them, and promised to seen them a
ED>packet of bird seed
ED>St Nicholas Buccleuch Parish Church Dalkeith
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