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From: Kathy Bates <>
Subject: Re: Finnan haddie
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 10:55:33 -0400

oh my gosh! we just had this last night! you are psychic, Nikki. my
mother and father are visiting us from Maine and made this wonderful dish
for my family and me last night. i always have loved it. the trick to the
dish is to purchase good smoked haddock, usually from Nova Scotia or
Scotland. My mom makes it from memory from my father's grandmother who
lived in Nova Scotia and got it from her mother and on and on.....
wow! what a weird coincidence!
>After all this talk of Beans, Nutts and haggis (not to mention the toddies),
>does anyone else recall eating finnan haddie? My maternal grandparents came
>from the part of Maine next to New Brunswick, and Grammie's ggf, William
>HODGINS, came over from Ireland sometime between 1787 (birth) and 1827 (birth
>of son WIlliam in Canada). My mother used to serve it to us until we
>Nikki Strandskov

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