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From: Dave Culbertson <>
Subject: Re: The Irish in America
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 08:32:29 -0500

I also watched the program and found the history of the potato famine to
be most sad, but that is a part of history. It was a very eye-opening
account of what happened. I found the coffin ships very enlightning and
now understand why so many NI emmigrants came to the US and Canada
during the mid to late 1800's. This is a real lesson about the hard
times that people in that area went through. For example they talked
about the people in the West of NI who were reduced to eating seaweed
and grass rather than starve to death (which many did). And the fact
that on some of the coffin ships there was a 20% death rate from Black
fever as the norm. This PBS program is definately a "must see" and I
intend to watch the other two programs (tonight and tomorrow night).

Dave Culbertson

Chuck Gibson wrote:
> Welcome to the Web site for the historic epic The Irish in America: Long
> Journey Home. "Remarkable," "enthralling," "rich with insight:" the critics
> are raving about this six-hour television and video event chronicling the
> triumphant role the Irish have played in shaping America. The Irish in
> America makes its world premiere on PBS over three nights (January 26-28,
> 1998) and debuts on Buena Vista Home Video on January 27, 1998. The video,
> as well as the companion book and soundtrack CD, are available from ShopPBS.

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