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From: Marilyn A Caretti< >
Subject: Charles E Donaldson <>: Re: scottish rites, masons etc
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 23:33:53 -0800

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The following message from Mr Donaldson could not be more wrong The
Masons worship GOD and are Christian in their belief.
As do all of the organizations associated with the Masons.
Don't know where you got your infromation but it is incorrect.
The Free-Masons practise Baal worship; their "high Rites ceremonies"
blend Baal rituals with ancient rituals requiered to be performed be the
Hewbrew Priests.
new????" Sacrificing the kid is a bit messy and offencive to so; "So -
Wah Lah - socialize/legalize abortion". Baal's name has changed to
Socialism (Marxist; Nazzie; Liberal); but there is not one practic of
Baal worship that dose not have it's counter-part in Socialism << by
what ever name you call it>>. And Free-Masonry is not the first;
Charles E Donaldson

P. S._I have enjoyed this list; and you have all blessed me with much
information that I valu and am glad for. But every time I go some were
to prospect for a few days, I come home to as many as 200 + posting.
So; regrettably; I am going to 'un-subcribe' the next time that I go

Ally002 wrote:

> what is the reason or purpose for the masons, shriners, etc being a
> secret
> society? please don't anyone be offended but i've had relatives who
> were
> "stongly encouraged" to join being told it was the only way to advance
> in
> their jobs only to quit later because some of the rituals conflicted
> with
> their fundamentalist religious beliefs. here again i'm seeking first
> hand
> info from the knowledgeable and their seem to be quite a few
> knowledgeable
> ones on the list. can anyone explain? if this is to far off subject
> please
> forgive. don't want to be accused of "flaming"
> debbie

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