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From: "Aaron Orr" <>
Subject: Re: Claims on Ulster
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 22:19:09 -0500


I totally agree with your sentiments. The Northern Province has been a
separate people form time immemorial. The Dalriada Kingdom was the one
that went almost en masse to Scotland in the misty past and when the
Scottish Planters returned they were simply returning to their own land

The Black Pig's Dyke is the greatest living testimony to the "apartness" of
the Ulladh from the most ancient time.

Enough! I'll say no more!

> From: Edward Andrews <>
> To: John Giacoletti <>
> Subject: Re: Claims on Ulster
> Date: January 5, 1998 8:39 PM
> Right Children. I suggest that you cool this or take it off line. In
> the past 25 years about 3,000 people have been killed over this
> John Giacoletti wrote:
> >
> > Irish-Irish Bill wrote:
> >
> > >>>Although you may not realize it, there
> > are those of us who are Irish-Irish with a much better claim to both
> > and Ireland than those Scotch-Irish >>>>
> >
> > 1.) What is the Scotch-Irish claim to Ulster?
> About the same as any emigrant population to the land they occupy,
> though a respectable case can be made for some at least of the SI
> having roots which go back to Ulster in the first place.
> > 2.) What is the Irish claim to Ulster?
> It depends who you mean by the Irish? Probably as good a claim as any
> people who can trace some of their roots back to before the Emigrants
> came, though arguably Ulster was so physically separated from the rest
> of Ireland that this argument has little meaning
> > 3.) What is the better Irish claim to Ulster? Take your pick according
to you particular bias, and what particular story you were brought up with.
> > 4.) What is the much better Irish claim to Ulster? The claim for Irish
men, Protestant, Dissenter and Catholic to live in peace and harmony.
> If you want to fight this one out do so. Don't forget the black
> plastic bag to put the remains in.
> Perhaps both John Giacoletti and Irish Irish Bill will tell us
> precisely how long it is since they actually had anyone directly
> related to them living in Ulster or in Ireland.
> Edward Andrews
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