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Subject: Meaning of Scotch-Irish
Date: 7 Dec 1997 13:21:28 EDT

I have a cousin, Laura Hamilton Clise. Her mother was Annie Clark from
Bells Hill Scotland. Annie married Horace Resley Hamilton, about 1895.
They lived in Frostburg, Maryland.
I don't remember the names of Annie's parents but they lived in Kansas
and Iowa for a while. One of Annie's sisters was a Euphemia Clark who
somehow married into my Twigg family in Allegany County Maryland.
Annie's mother was ever homesick for the old country and made two trips
back to Bells Hill. They weren't wealthy and had to save every penny
for Mama to make these trips. I don't think they ever lived in Ireland.
Let me know if you want more information and I'll give you the address
of Laura Clise.

DI>I agree with John G. Every definition I've read says almost exactly what he
DI>says. The Irish did not begin to come in anynumbers until after 1800,
DI>better than a century after the Scotch-Irish.

DI>I believe my Clark (maiden name) is Scotch-Irish just because the
DI>intermarriages are with other Scotch-Irish families that are documented as
DI>Presbyterian from the north of Ireland with roots in Scotland. In the Clark
DI>family there is not a significant deviance from this rule until my
DI>grandfather marries in 1920 marries an English/Irish Catholic woman. Even
DI>in Kansas in 1890 my great-grandfather married a Buchanan born in Canada.

DI>My father married a Knox-Phillips descendant (with some Indian, probably
DI>Cherokee, thrown in both maternal lines);-) This had more to do with him
DI>being in Okalahoma during WW2 than anything else.

DI>One name I am curious about is the surname Preston. There are some Clark's
DI>associated with this surname from Maryland. These Preston's are likely
DI>Methodist, at least by the time they get to western PA. I don't know the

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