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From: "Richard G McQuate" <>
Subject: Re: Meaning of Scotch-Irish
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 1997 22:09:50 -0500

No, wrong, wrong, wrong. I can document the fact that, between 1735 and
1743, at least 2,000 Irish Catholics were "forcibly transported" from all
parts of Ireland to America. That is just the ones that I can *document*
and were forcibly transported during those 8 years; after the Revolutionary
War, they were generally sent to Australia. I can also document that many,
many Irish Catholic immigrants were enlisted in the Continental Army during
the Revolution. And, I have a list of runaway redemptioners, advertised in
the "Pennsylvania Gazette" between 1728 and 1796, which gives the ethnic
distribution as follows: 2,449 Irish, 1,004 English, 546 German, 297
Scots, 163 Welsh, 28 French, 6 Spanish, 3 Portuguese, 3 Swedish, 2 Danish,
2 Italian, 2 Swiss, and 1,545 with undetermined ethnicity.

I could go on, but I will probably catch more than enough flames for just
this small sample. Although these early Irish may not have had impressive
resumes, they were here early and they were here in numbers. Most of the
above facts and figures apply primarily to Pennsylvania and, if you really
want me to, I can start on the other states one at a time. Plus, I have a
lot more on Pennsylvania. Do I have any invitations?

Richard McQuate

Diane wrote in part:
> I agree with John G. Every definition I've read says almost exactly what
> says. The Irish did not begin to come in anynumbers until after 1800,
> better than a century after the Scotch-Irish.

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