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From: John Carpenter <>
Subject: Re: In re Hal Stitt's Prolegomena to a S-I Constitution
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 08:54:24 -0800 (PST)

I second the motion. Buchmann said it well.

---Buchmann wrote:
> I found this very good when it was first posted.
> Upon re-reading it this morning I find it better
> than I first thought. It IS a cri de coeur, BUT
> it is also well thought out and states precisely
> the meaning of SCOTCH-IRISH.
> This list, as I understand it, is NOT about
> Scotland, Scots, Ireland, or Irish [although
> there may be interest in all these], but
> about the SCOTCH-IRISH, their experience, and
> THEIR roots.
> Personally, I have S-I, Scottish, English, Irish,
> French, and German roots. I am on other lists to
> pursue the discovery of those roots. I am on THIS
> list to discover the historical conditions that
> fellow Scotch-Irish experienced, the conditions
> in Scotland that drove them to northern Ireland
> [please use lower case for the <<n>> in <<northern>>
> as the Brits will INSIST upon misunderstanding if
> you capitalize it], and the conditions in northern
> Ireland that drove them to North America [and
> The cultural / linguistic threads are also
> I in no way object to them [silly as some may
> and, in fact, look forward to them.
> As I have frequently said [to Linda and others]
> this is the best list in genealogy [and I subscribe
> many of them.]
> One more statement - There is nothing wrong with
> and even heated discussion. Let's have less worry
> genteel politeness and political correctness and more
> emphasis on getting the ideas out there to be

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