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From: "Angus P. Robinson" <>
Subject: RE: Closed minds reinforce decay
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 09:41:33 -0600

Whose minds are closed ??

The places in Pa,Va ,etc. discussed in such detail on the list
are the places where the Scots have traditionally entered the US and
many (like my own family)have stayed in these areas despite their
depressed economic conditions.So they are most germane to the

It is said that only 5% of Scots live in Scotland,and the US actually
has 5 times as many people of Scottish blood as does the motherland, but
US Scots as rule know almost nothing about their past.We are in are in a
sense the Lost, because we don't have the oral or written history that
we should have, and doing kick a** genealogical work isn't going to help

It seems that only the viewpoints of those in the United States are
messed up. My ancestors came to this country in the latter part of the 1600's.
Although we, my kith and kin, retain some of the habits of those early people
we, today, don't recognize it because this was never told to us. I have sought
help in Scotland but I am damn sick and tired of the arrogant attitudes of some
of those who find fault with us. I, on the other hand, have a great deal of interest
in Scotland, and want to know more but not if it means being insulted by self
serving arrogant scotsman. I feel nothing but contempt for those who consider themselves superior beings just because they still reside in Scotland. It makes
me feel better about being an American.
As a general rule I accept everyone at face value but from the messages coming
from Scotland perhaps all Americans of Scotch ancestry should say the hell with
it and go back to being just plain old U.S. citizens. We not only welcome foreign visitors to the United States but we, as a general rule, express an interest in their cultures, NOT CONDEMN it.
Angus Robinson

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