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From: John Carpenter <>
Subject: Re: Closed minds reinforce decay
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 06:20:40 -0800 (PST)

a lot of the politics and religion is our history.
Perhaps we dwell on them too much, but ignoring them
is sick, like denying the killing of Jews by the
Nazis. Everything in your history that you choose
not to remember is more likely to repeat itself, good
or bad. I think the English should be the target if
there has to be a target in Northern Ireland, because
they set it up and used it to try to control the
people, but I have more English ancestry than Scots,
Irish, or Scotch-Irish. Have a nice amount of German
too, some Norman French (which may not be french at
all) and some Cherokee and Chotaw, the Cherokee from
the SI side and the Choctaw from the English side.
They're all interesting and I figure make me a native
American, all of them, not just the Cherokee and
Choctaw (they were emigrants too,) But it seems
ridiculous to rail at a name that isn't intended as
an insult and that I cannot see as one. I wish Iain
Kerr had stayed because he was knowledgeable about
many things that the rest of us want to know, but he
couldn't realize that everyone of us knows something
that could help him. A little humility helps and we
all deserve matter how skilled we are in
some field or other, we're ignorant somewhere else.

---Carol wrote:
> John Carpenter wrote:
> >
> > I'll won't argue with you on many of these items,
> > when it comes to "Scotch-Irish" that's what most of
> > us have traditionally called ourselves
> Terribly sorry John but not all of *us*
traditionally call ourselves
> Scottish-Irish or Scotch -Irish. Maybe the
Scottish Hysterical
> Society(as we so meanly called them) did so but
once entering the
> traditions and ethnic heritage of our
forebearers(and some relatives not
> so far removed) we called ourselves what we are.
Scots-Irish. I for one
> simply do not want to be identified with giggly
ladies at games who gush
> over the pretty plaids and wouldn't George look
great in that skirt. Or
> worse yet buy it for themselves.
> We have a strange old man who loves to attempt to
intimidate those he
> feels are lesser than he, in the halls of
government. He sports a
> horribly dirty kilt saturated with dried body
fluids. In other word it
> stinks. That is an insult to a proud garment. Now
him we call the guy
> in the skirt. He *has* stopped showing off by
flipping the "skirt", so
> even old folks can learn new tricks. Wearing a
dirty old kilt is
> exactly in the same ballpark as insisting on using
an incorrect term.
> Those who have been well aware of their background
have had no trouble
> using the right one.
> I too wish we could get away from religious
topics(we will never solve
> them) and also political ones(ditto). MOst of us
over here are an
> ethnic mix and ought to watch how bad we damn the
English or champion
> the wild geese. That is somebody elses battle, and
getting a bit tiring
> to hear about. My husbands ggrandfather (Riley)
immigrated in 1785.
> His grandfather married a desendant of Calverts
group (Howard). In
> between these two many other infusions of Native
American, British War
> Bride(Gunn) and the usual hybrid mix.
> Oh well - Carol

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