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From: "D. Douglas Dorman" <>
Subject: Re: Closed minds reinforce decay
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 01:49:23 -0500

Hi Edward,

I hope you won't leave the list,because I find your view point
emotionally mature as well as informative.

But, can I take a minute of your time to sound off on these issues and
maybe shed some light on the other World View here?

^I will treasure your complaint list.

I was the object of alot of his complaints...and I didn't complain
though they were unfair.He said to me sarcastically,why don't you get an
atlas and a dictionary.

Well, I have a dictionary but it doesn't have Scots words like
"welkin"in it those were the words that prevented me from understanding
the ballad.I scored in the top 1&1/2 %,yes 98.5% on my college boards in
language and reasoning.So if I need some help making sense of an Broad
Scots ballad, you can bet the rest of them do too.

I also have a simple atlas, but it doesn't show the places in
question.If he didn't want to continue the thread,just say so nicely or
don't respond.I don't notice him displaying great knowledge of this vast
continent.The places in Pa,Va ,etc. discussed in such detail on the list
are the places where the Scots have traditionally entered the US and
many (like my own family)have stayed in these areas despite their
depressed economic conditions.So they are most germane to the

It is said that only 5% of Scots live in Scotland,and the US actually
has 5 times as many people of Scottish blood as does the motherland, but
US Scots as rule know almost nothing about their past.We are in are in a
sense the Lost, because we don't have the oral or written history that
we should have, and doing kick a** genealogical work isn't going to help

As far as the innocent furry mammals,well humor is pretty cool on this
But the deeper point is that the Plantation Irish( okay flame me over
this term ,I just made it up!)have in some cases come over to lead
incredibly primitive lives."And earning gold galore" hasn't always been
the case.I didn't know what a bed spread was when I was 12,I'd never
seen one.I grew up eating oatmeal and raw milk for dinner half the time.
This has been the experience of many of our people here and it is
different from the civilized world of Europeans.

I went to college in Toronto,Canada and was greatly impressed by the
refinement of my European teachers.I learned much more from my
Brit-German-Dutch professors than did my American friends from the
regular state schools..The difference in education is something that I
would like to explore, and that's why I'm glad to see people like you on
the list.

> I also have found it a learning experience, because I very often
> have to check the answer which I give. I find that some of the the
> questions are at such a basic level that it actually takes quite a
> lot of research to get past the point of "everyone knows that".
> This itself is healthy.

Yes,we want to understand you but it is often hard to find common
currency.That takes a commitment and a substantial level of self
control(like not sounding off in high tones to every one and everything
that offends you.)

> I admit that I have my own agenda - what many would consider a
> revisionist view of History. I do not expect that everything which
> I say will be uncritically accepted.

I'd be interested in knowing what your thesis might be.


Vesta Elliott

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