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Subject: Re: Scottish Battle Tactics
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 17:44:15 -0500 (EST)

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<< kilt raising ploy at the start of battle, which is
true and was aimed at chasing away the stronger heterosexuals on the
field so's the opposing "gays",(we have better Doric words) could be run
down. >>

I have been known to be quite naive, but were you being serious? I have
heard that bagpipes were used because they were so frightening coming out of
a morning mist....but was 'kilt raising' a true military ploy? If so was it
used by any army other than the Scot's? Roman legionairres wore a short
skirt/kilt type garment. The members of the Turkish Palace Guard (I believe
that's their title) still wear that short pleated skirt/kilt uniform with the
pom-poms on their shoes. Any of these could have used the same tactic.
Unless, they were less hardy than the Scots and wore undergarments.
BTW I have wondered about something. Most other cultures that make
extensive use of horses as single person transportation are known for their
rugged leg-wear: cowboys wear levi's and chaps, English riding clothes
include jodpurs with leather patches, even gauchos wore authentic gaucho
pants made out of a canvas material. Having ridden horses myself, my
delicate question is: How does a bare-assed Scot keep from getting saddle
sores? (No that's not a trick question or the lead up to a joke.) I'm
Always seeking knowledge
Cherri LaDolce
The Bronx

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