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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: Surnames
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 10:45:58 -0700

Hi Carla,

I can't find Pullen either, but maybe someone else can.

"Northern Ireland" is an artificial division - a political division
that doesn't recognise traditional divisions, which themselves might be
the constructs of the Normans in medieval times. "Northern Ireland"
came into being in 1922. It left 3 counties in the Republic -- so the
tradition unit of "Ulster" was broken. "ULster" was formed by a
geographic isolation from the rest of Ireland, according to Bardon
"The History of Ulster". Some have claimed that the traditional
division of Ireland into the Four Fields (or five fields) was invented
by the Normans like the counties. I donno -- you'd have to determine
if Irish annalists using the terms Ulster, Munster, etc, really meant
the same thing. I am not convinced since you do find the terms used
in old Irish literature like the Books of the Invasions. I like to
beleive they are "really Irish" <grin>.

So in 1809 Cavan was a part of Great Britain like the other counties of
Ireland.... There was a Noble at the Siege of Derry (Hanna "The Scotch
Irish", vol I page 589). Cavan was I beleive partly at least settled by
Irish planters.

Possibly you can find out something by using Tithe aplotments, etc. You
might want to check GENUKI on Irish records.

Irregardless of where your ancestors originated, you are who you feel
you are. Lots of Irish Republicans have planter and/or English ancestry.
It's interesting and maybe it expands your view of yourself, but
you are who you are.

Linda Merle

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