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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: Name origins
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 17:18:58 -0700

Hi, this is intersting, Bell "The Surnames of Ulster" gives a slightly
different story:

In Co Antrim it stems from the Old French fauconnier. O'Hart in 1881
said that the Falkeners of Ireland descend from Nicholas Taylor, a
grandson of Edward Taylor of Beverley in Yorkshire, who was chief
Falconer to Henry III c1273.

Sounds like a fight between the historians of surnames. Bell lists his
biblography -- so he got this from one of them. However he didn't do
extensive research into the early Hamilton/Montgomery manuscripts and
rent rolls. I'd look there and if I saw them hanging out with the Scots,
I'd assume they are Scots. If they hang out with the English, well,
hey, they're probably English. So look for when your ancstors appear
in Ulster and who they are with. Check our web pages for starters. I've
known Bell to be wrong, based on Montgomery/Hamilton rent rolls. Like
Orr - he claims the surname appears around 1650 for the first time. No,
many came over with the Hamilitons in 1610. So no one is infallible....

Linda Merle

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