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From: "Jill O'Neall Ching" <>
Subject: Re: Bru na Boinne
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 14:50:45 -1000

Dear Geoff/List, Thanks for in info on Newgrange, I would like to have the
photos of Tara, can I send
you $ for postage? When you went was it cold? I live in Maui, and have
very thin blood, and it is very hot here. Can you tell me about
the roads and if there is a town nearby with lodging, or services?
I am looking for a good travel package if anyone has info, quality with
good prices is what I like.
I would also like to buy some books about these ancient sites, if anyone
has suggestions.
Thanks, Jill

: A few comments on the Newgrange thingy 8^)
: Hi guys,
: >> But do know it is a very
: >> difficult place to get into (entrance is limited and there is a
backlog > of people signed up waiting).
: Agreed. There is generally no problem getting into Newgrange. Except
: as Linda pointed out, at Winter Solstice.
: >This isn't really true unless you want to enter on Dec 21. Then
: >the rising sunbeam shines in through a portal above the entrance
: >and illuminates the maine "altar" (we do not know what it really
: >was for). That's booked into the next century.
: Well, I thot that for the craek I'd tell what I wuz told re the Bru na
: Boinne
: Now there are probably those on this list more qualified to talk about
: this...all I speak for is by way of experience and what I was told when
: I visited in 1990. oh...btw if anyone wants pics, I can scan them and
: send you them. I also have some of Tara hill, etc, etc.


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