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From: "Hopi Noll" <>
Subject: Re: Creek/Crick
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 06:22:37 PDT

>Robert Moline (W)rote:
>Subject: Re: Creek/Crick

>>I had 54 messages on my computer this morning when I opened my E-mail.
Most of them were from this list, it takes time to deleate them. I
joined this list in search of facts. I could care less how you
pronounce words or your preferences for food and beverages.<<


I understand your need for facts only! ...But while digging into family
history, I found, to my great surprise, my ancestors had once been
alive. The records of their lives fill me with living people. The
people on this list happen to be still alive and very human. Someone
researching them in the next millinium would LOVE to run across a
document of this list...and probably be wondering how many "scotch
guineas" is cost for whiskey fudge.


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